Hand Of Hope Tattoo is home to the the creative talents of Benjamin Toner, Marko Prenger, Dom Wiley and Maggie Fox. 

Originally conceived in late August of 2017, Hand Of Hope Tattoo is the result of a group of close friends shared desire to work together in a creative and inspiring new space. Almost nine months later, and after much planning and hard work, the studio opened its doors in May 2018.

Situated in the centre of Stockport, the studio sits proudly on St Petersgate in the Old Town. Home to a diverse range of award-winning independent businesses and regular events, we’re looking forward to making our contribution to the already exciting local community.

Friendly, relaxed and professional, both artists and staff are here to help. Whether it’s a simple name or something much more complex, we will guide you through the process with care and attention to detail. Please don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, we’re friendly patient and always respectful.