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Walk-ins are welcome (subject to availability).

A deposit is required before booking an appointment with one of our artists. The deposit will depend on the scale of work you’re booking in for.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All Tattoo designs will be available to view on the day of your appointment. Designs will not be sent via email or any other means for pre-approval unless a specific arrangement has been made between yourself and the artist.

You must be 18 to get tattooed (absolutely no exceptions).

We aim to keep our studio as clean as possible which is why we don't allow partners, friends, pets or anyone else to sit in the studio whilst you're having your tattoo.

If you have children, you’re more than welcome to bring them along when making a booking. However, we would prefer they don’t accompany you to your appointment.

No drama please.

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